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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney is Critical

Written by NDJ Law on . Posted in Blog

Despite what you may see or hear in advertisements, a personal injury case is not a “one call that’s all” type of legal matter. Maybe one call gets a traffic ticket taken care of, but it doesn’t resolve a personal injury matter. Las Vegas personal injury cases are not simple matters.

In fact, personal injury cases can be much more complex than you might have thought. Take a medical malpractice case for example. The medical records for every single facility or physician who treated the injury victim must be obtained. These can be voluminous, totaling hundred or even thousands of pages. And every single page must be reviewed to identify and scrutinize the treatment provided. And then experts must be retained to evaluate the treatment and offer an opinion on the standard of care. And then the all of the damages must be calculated, including past and future medical treatment and lost wages. And that’s only the short of it. Oh, and the case has to be put together in only 1 year! That’s right, medical malpractice personal injury cases only have a one-year statute of limitations.

That is only one type of case, for one prospective client. The number of opportunities for costly errors in just that one personal injury case is substantial. Now imagine if you take this case to the personal injury attorney you saw on a TV ad, who has thousands of other pending cases. How do they keep up with all those clients? How do they keep up with all of those responsibilities? Do they handle those cases regularly? If not, how do they know what to do, and when to do it? Skeptical about the handling of your case? Will you know who is handling your file? Will they take your call or respond to your email?

You should take your personal injury matter very seriously, and decide how you would like your case to be handled. Do you like the lawyer you spoke with? Do you like the staff? Do you want personal attention?

These are all issues you should consider before you even pick up the phone to make an appointment, and certainly are questions you should ask when interviewing a personal injury attorney. The ultimate goal should be to hire a personal injury attorney that you can trust after reflection and contemplation. You should carefully choose a Las Vegas personal injury, and thus be confident that your personal injury matter will be handled correctly and with your best interests in mind. We believe that an informed client is a client who will recover more money in their case; learn more by reading our other blog entries, reviewing our FAQ’s, and exploring other available resources.