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LVPI Lawyer is a customer-service oriented personal injury law firm in Las Vegas. Our personal injury practice has grown by leaps and bounds due to our aggressive maximum-settlement approach, tireless work ethic and attention to detail, and above all our commitment to providing our clients with the most friendly and professional service possible. You haven’t seen our faces on any billboards or television ads. This means we are not bound by monthly advertising costs which force many personal injury lawyers to take lower settlements and the quick buck. We call these lawyers the “assembly-line” lawyers because they operate on a mass-production business model, trying to get as many quick and easy settlements as possible, often to the detriment of their clients, who never see the full value of their personal injury case. At LVPI Lawyer, you can rest assured that we are representing you with only your best interests and the maximum value of your case in mind. We ask you to come to our office for a free consultation, and before you leave we know you’ll be convinced that LVPI Lawyer is the right personal injury law firm for you or your loved one.

Do You Really Need a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney?

Accident attorneys help you through the maze of complex legal issues that you are facing. Auto accident law and personal injury law can involve a variety of factual and legal issues that, without the proper knowledge and experience, can be used against you. Tort law, procedural law, insurance law, rules of evidence, and even your own innocent words and actions can be twisted and construed against you. For example, you may decide to wait a week or two after your auto accident in a good faith effort to try to let your injuries heal and avoid costly treatment. This happens frequently to those who do not have health insurance. Insurance companies will use this lapse of time where you did not get treatment as evidence that you weren’t even really hurt. An accident attorney, when promptly retained, will get you in to see the proper doctors right away so that not only are you getting your body fixed, you are also documenting your injuries. The simple act of getting treatment is the best thing you can do for yourself and for building the evidence needed to prosecute a personal injury claim. LVPI Lawyer knows how much of an impact an accident has on both you and your family. That is why we are here to make things as easy as possible for you. We believe that you have better things to do with your time than to worry about your case. With personal injury specialists LVPI Lawyer on your side, you are able to recover from your injuries and start to put the pieces of your life back together while we seek the justice you deserve. LVPI Lawyer and their highly qualified staff specialize in personal injury law including:
  1. Auto Accidents
  2. Bicycle Accidents
  3. Brain Injury
  4. Dog Bites
  5. Motorcycle Accident
  6. Pedestrian Accident
  7. Slip and Fall Accident
  8. Truck Accident
  9. Wrongful Death
Personal injury law refers to any type of accident you have experienced due to the negligence of someone else. We always put our clients first and will not rest until you receive the compensation they deserve. Personal injury cases are much more complex than most people realize. Personal injury attorneys must be prepared to attack multiple issues in order to successfully resolve an accident case. Unfortunately, many of the personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas are not committed to this level of service, and as a result many people do not recover the maximum value of their personal injury case.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury cases are subject to numerous State and local rules of procedure and the substantive rules of law in the area referred to as “tort law.” Tort law in Nevada as it applies to personal injury cases generally includes a focus on the elements of negligence. It is the responsibility of the injured person to prove that a person or entity who caused the injury to prove negligence. This accomplished by accumulating evidence, including photos, videos, expert reports, scene diagrams, witness statements, police and incident report, medical bills, and medical records, and using that evidence to prove that not only did the responsible person have a legal obligation to act in some manner or to not act in some manner, but that they failed to do so and that such failure was the cause of the accident. Most personal injury cases are met with a fairly high level of opposition from the responsible person, company, and/or their liability insurance company. This opposition is typically handled be a person generally referred to as an adjuster. It is the adjuster’s job to evaluate fault and to adjust the claim to a more favorable value. They do this by scrutinizing the incident and the medical treatment, in the hopes of preventing the injured person from proving liability and to minimize their damages. Combating these efforts to pay you less money is no small task, and requires knowledge of personal injury law, organization, persistence, and ruthless negotiating. The complexities of a personal injury case necessitate scrutiny on behalf on the injured person in selecting a personal injury attorney. It is wise to avoid taking the easy route and placing a phone call to the personal injury attorney whose television ads you have seen the most. Las Vegas has numerous personal injury attorney who advertise on a mass scale. Beware that this type of advertising is exceedingly expensive, and forces these attorneys to adopt a mass production business model that gets quick money and turns case over very quickly, which is not the proper method to handle personal injury cases and maximize settlement values. You need personal injury attorneys who care enough about their clients, and their own reputation, to provide great service and achieve great result.

Car Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Automobile accidents are among the most common types of personal injury cases in Las Vegas. Almost everyone drives an automobile, and as a result an auto accident of some unknown severity is bound to touch our life at some point. Unfortunately, even very small vehicles traveling at conservative speeds can generate tremendous amounts of force. By contrast, the human body is relatively fragile…this means that auto accidents result in bodily injury quite frequently. If this happens to you, you need a auto accident lawyer right away. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you need help from a personal injury attorney right away as your rights and your health can be at stake. An attorney is necessary to protect all of your interests. Even your own insurance company is not really concerned about maximizing your financial benefit. What you will find in auto accident a cases is that almost every single person or entity you encounter is either trying to get money from you or avoid paying money to you. Think about that for a moment…it sounds like no one is one your side doesn’t it? Doctors and hospitals are trying to make a profit. Responsible parties are trying to avoid liability. Insurance companies are trying to avoid paying claims. If you are left on your own, these people will take advantage of you. When you are injured in an automobile accident, you need an attorney who can protect you against the people are trying to take from you. A personal injury attorney can help you get your car fixed, can help you get medical treatment even if you don’t have insurance, can help you negotiate medical bills, and can negotiate your case to get you’re the maximum possible settlement. Car accident cases fall into a category of law called Tort Law. Torts generally involve the cases that arise between people or between a person or persons and an entity. Typically, the claims in tort law involve some type of damage or harm to someone interests, property, or person. These cases are typically prosecuted by personal injury attorneys. A personal injury attorney should have knowledge and experience in the laws and procedures that are specifically applicable to auto accident cases. For example, many attorneys may not be familiar with the Rules of the Road, codified at NRS 484B, which legislatively codify many of the rules for operating a motor vehicle in Nevada. The Rules of the Road exist in conjunction with, and at times in place of, common law (judge-made law). Combined with Federal, State, and Local rules of procedure, the cloud of applicable laws can easily confuse the inexperience auto accident attorney. You should be sure that your auto accident attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in the medical issues that can arise in an auto accident personal injury case. Auto accidents in Las Vegas can result many types of injuries, including lacerations, broken bones, brain damage, spine damage, and very often soft tissue damage. Soft tissue damage should be very familiar to an accident attorney. Soft tissue damage refers to damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These result often from sports or physical activities, but not unexpectedly also result from the violent movements and impacts the human body incurs during an auto accident or a slip and fall injury.

The attorney you retain for your personal injury matter must be able to take the reins as soon as you retain them. However, you can assist your lawyer and help document and prove your case by doing the following:

  1. Call the police. The will result in an office coming to the scene, who will assign fault…this is valuable evidence. If you are hurt, this call will also get medical personnel to the scene.
  2. Call family or friends. If you can get someone you trust to the scene, you will have the support you need to make correct decisions, particularly with regard to your property and your medical treatment.
  3. Examine your surroundings. Take note of where you are, where your car is, and where other people and vehicles are.
  4. Take pictures. Pictures are excellent evidence in an auto accident case, and prove not only who did what, but also can prove that the accident as it happened was capable of causing the resulting injuries.
  5. Contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Getting us involved quickly will ensure that your health care is managed correctly, and that you receive proper treatment in a timely manner. It will also prevent harassing and obstructionist tactics from responsible parties, their lawyers, and their insurers.
Sometimes auto accident cases result in conflict between the injured person and the responsible person (or their liability insurance carrier or attorney) that simply cannot be resolved amicably. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. If their offer is not acceptable, personal injury law in Nevada gives the injured person the right to file a lawsuit. This is a serious matter, and you need serious help. Not all attorneys are equal, and you need an attorney who is not afraid to file the lawsuit and litigate the lawsuit aggressively to get you the money your case is really worth. Make sure you retain the best possible representation in your auto accident case. You don’t want an auto accident attorney to get you headed in the direction of a trial without getting your case properly prepared.

Common types of Las Vegas auto accidents include:

  1. Rollover accidents
  2. T-Bone accidents
  3. Rear-end accidents
  4. Side-swipe car accidents
  5. Angled car accidents
  6. Lane change accidents
  7. Cell phone accidents
  8. High speed accidents
  9. Bad weather accidents
  10. Defective product accidents
  11. Motorcycle accidents
  12. Pedestrian accidents
  13. Semi-truck accidents
  14. Failure to yield accidents

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