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Getting Medical Treatment for Personal Injury Without Health Insurance

Written by NDJ Law on . Posted in Blog

By some estimates, over 16% of the citizens of the United States lack health insurance. This is nearly 50 million people. Yet, a lack of health insurance puts someone at no less risk for an accident and resulting personal injuries than someone who does have health insurance. Quite simply, uninsured people have, and will, suffer personal injuries due to the neglect of someone else. So, if a person without health insurance becomes injured in an accident, how does that person get the medical treatment they need and deserve?

The first thing the injured person needs to do is retain a personal injury attorney. At Naimi, Dilbeck & Johnson, Chtd, we have carefully cultivated relationships with leading healthcare providers in Las Vegas who will agree to treat the injured person on a lien basis. As soon as we are able to identify that you were injured due to the fault of someone else, we can arrange for you to begin getting treatment on a lien.

Treatment for personal injuries on a lien basis is no less comprehensive than treatment received any other way. In fact, this type of treatment is arguably better as the restrictions of health insurance companies on the physician are not a factor. If you are being treated on a lien basis, the doctor does what the doctor feels is best, not what a health insurance company says is best (ie cheapest for them).

By treating on a lien, you are getting medical treatment without paying for it up front. The provider knows that you have a personal injury claim that is pending, and is willing to postpone payment for their services until your personal cases settles or otherwise results in a monetary recovery. In exchange for postponing payment, the provider agrees to take a lien on your personal injury case. Once your personal injury case settles, we will pay the doctor out of the settlement proceeds. Often, these physicians will even take less than the original amount charged in order to produce a more favorable settlement outcome and put more money in your pocket.

So, if you are suffering from personal injuries caused by the neglect of someone else, the lack of health insurance is not a reason to postpone medical treatment. As we discuss in our blog entry on preserving evidence, getting medical treatment is a key component of the chain of evidence we use to document your personal injuries and your damages. Getting medical treatment for your injuries creates a medical record of your symptoms, injuries, and level of pain. Insurance companies will even use your delay in seeking treatment as evidence that you weren’t hurt very badly or weren’t hurt at all.