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The Television Lawyer Trap – Be Sure You Can Trust Your Personal Lawyer

Written by NDJ Law on . Posted in Blog

Every law firm is a business. However, it is a very special kind of business, and the attorney rules of professional conduct are intended to ensure that when a client hires an attorney, they get an attorney who is competent and diligent. These rules are also intended to insure that no client gets misled or hires an attorney with whom that have a conflict. At Naimi, Dilbeck & Johnson, Chtd, we embrace these rules and strive to not only follow them to the letter, but exceed them and set the standard for other personal injury attorneys. Our attitude, sadly, is not the norm. In spite of the rules attorneys are supposed to observe, it is exceedingly easy to hire an attorney who can mishandle your case or even intentionally handle your case in a manner not consistent with your best interests.

Personal injury attorneys are perhaps the best available case study of the application of the rules of professional conduct. Personal injury attorneys are everywhere you look…television ads, billboards, yellow pages…you name it. It is no small coincidence that many people do not know any better than to hire someone they have seen repeatedly in advertisements.

At Naimi, Dilbeck & Johnson, Chtd, we don’t like the heavy-advertising personal injury lawyers. We believe they damage the integrity of our profession, and we are skeptical, to say the least, that they provide the service you deserve in your personal injury case. So, allow us to expose the personal injury TV lawyer business model.

Advertising is expensive. Heavy advertising requires heavy dollars. And to maintain this advertising requires a stream of income. And for personal injury lawyers, income comes from personal injury settlements. No settlements means no income which means no advertising which means no new clients the entire business model fails. These firms bring in large amounts of cash with a large number of cases, use this income to pay their large overhead, and what’s left over, due to the economy of scale involved in such a large operation, can result in a nice profit. What this means for the average personal injury client is that a lawyer who advertises heavily needs to get your case in, get it settled, and get it moved out of the office as quickly as possible. They don’t care about you, your problems, your phone calls, your emails, or even your end-goal. To push a liability insurance carrier or product manufacturer an extra week, or two weeks, or four weeks, and show the diligence and aggression needed to get you the maximum dollar to which you are entitled, means the case doesn’t settle quick enough, and not enough income is generated to keep the engine running. The end result is that you don’t get the money that your case was really worth.

It is worth it to take the time to sit down and speak with the actual attorney who will handle your case and ask questions about the personal injury process. We encourage you to educate yourself by reading our other blog entries, reviewing our FAQ’s, and exploring other legal resources. We would urge you to take the time to careful hire a Las Vegas personal injury attorney whose owners, office, and staff are a fit for your needs and goals in your Nevada personal injury matter.