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Medical Malpractice

Perhaps no other type of personal injury case is as devastating as one arising from the neglect of a medical provider. We all place our trust in the education, training, and experience of our physicians. Unfortunately, even the most simple examinations, diagnosis , prescriptions, or operations can be (and regularly are) performed negligently by a medical provider, with dire consequences. If you or a loved one is suffering due to the neglect of a physician or other medical provider, you need the help of LVPI Lawyer Our attorney have both worked on the other side of medical malpractice cases, and have seen first-hand the tactics of negligent medical providers and their insurers and attorneys in attempting to stage a defense. Doctors and their insurers and attorneys are prepared to fight, and these cases are complex, involving medical experts, voluminous documentation, medical and scientific terminology and concepts, and extensive economic calculations. Medical malpractice cases are no joking matter. It isn’t “one call that’s all.” Make sure you choose a diligent and aggressive personal injury law firm like LVPI Lawyer to prosecute your medical malpractice case. And whatever you do, don’t wait too long. A huge negative consequence of Nevada’s 2004 tort reform Keep Our Doctors In Nevada (“KODIN”) is that the amount of time someone who is the victim of medical malpractice has to enforce their rights is limited to one year! It makes no sense that a car accident victim has a two-year statute of limitations in what are often simple matters, whereas a hugely complex medical case has only a one-year statute of limitations, but this is the case.

Time is of the essence in medical malpractice cases, so don’t wait another minute! Call LVPI Lawyer today for a free consultation. 702-425-8233