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Truck Accident

In Nevada, same as in any other state, truck accidents involving the massive 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or big rig are often fatal. On the occasion that you only receive severe personal injuries, consider yourself lucky. However, the good fortune stops there because of the time it takes to recover from these types of personal injuries can be quite lengthy.

Specializing in truck accidents and other personal injuries, LVPI Lawyer is the best truck accident attorney firm in Nevada. Our highly trained, hardworking staff is here to assist you. We will make sure that you get the compensation that you justly deserve. Regardless of what type of truck wreck you were involved in – we are here to help.

Truck Accident Laws of Nevada

Like many other areas of Nevada’s personal injury law, Las Vegas trucking accidents require special considerations and knowledge of specific applicable rules and regulations. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney lacking in familiarity with semi-truck accident and personal injury cases can cost you money by not having the necessary knowledge and experience.

Personal injury cases involving 18-wheeler or semi-trucks are more complicated to deal with than other car accident cases. There are complex state and federal law that regulate the trucking industry. State and federal regulations provide varying avenues of recovery for personal injury if commercial carriers for hire are involved in the semi-truck accident. If a case requires the filing of a lawsuit, the lawsuit could involve the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and the trucking company insurance carrier.

The applicable law is not the only complicating factor. Trucking companies and their insurance carriers take these cases very seriously. Trucking companies often send claims representatives to the scene of the semi-truck crash the very same day. It is the job of the claims representative to protect the trucking company and avoid responsibility by denying liability. They are scouring the scene and the vehicles for any shred of evidence that might mitigate their liability. All the while, the personal injury victim and their family are focusing on medical treatment and the affects the accident is having on their life. This is why it is critical to have an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney on your side to level the playing field and make sure the blame goes where it should.

Truck Accident Attorney Qualifications

Not all attorneys are created equal. Specializing in truck accident law, the Nevada law firm of LVPI Lawyer knows the trucking industry. We know and fully understand all of the driving laws that are set in place for truck drivers – both state and federal. Our professional staff knows all there is to know about other driving laws and automobile guidelines also. The Nevada law firm LVPI Lawyer is ready to competently handle your case.

What Can Cause a Truck Accident?

In Nevada, countless truck accidents occur each year. Fatalities, property damage, and/or personal injuries are very common. What causes so many of these types of accidents typically fall into two different categories. The first is a malfunction of some kind when it comes to the truck itself. The second has to do with the behavior and decisions of the driver. Here are some examples of both.

Truck Related Causes:

  1. Bald Tires
  2. Brake Failure
  3. Falling Debris from Truck
  4. Tire Blowout

Driver Related Causes:

  1. Blind Spots
  2. Improper Lane Change
  3. Overweight or Overloaded Trucks
  4. Speeding
  5. Squeeze Play
  6. Swinging Turns

However, regardless of whether the accident was caused directly by the driver or the truck, the liability still falls onto the driver for not ensuring that the truck was completely safe to be on the road, and to the trucking company for employing a driver who did not properly follow the trucking industry guidelines.

The law firm of LVPI Lawyer has the experience and resources needed to help you win. Do not leave your future to chance – give yourself and your family the best chance possible. No matter what type of truck accident caused your injuries, our law firm can handle the case.

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