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Product Liability

It’s easy to over-look, but each of us place an astounding degree of faith and confidence in the safety mass-produce products. This faith is has some small basis in fact, but is largely misplaced.

Take a toaster for example.  The raw materials that form its casing, electronics, and moving parts are sourced from all over the world.  Then they are molded into form pursuant to plans drawn up on some computer somewhere else in the world.  Then they are manufactured and packaged somewhere else in the world, like China, are shipped overseas, and then distributed to wholesalers and retailers all over the country.  Despite all of that, we believe that it will perform as intended.  However, the smallest mistake in the design or manufacture of that toaster can cause the product to fail.  Maybe an electrical component shorts out…this can cause a fire…fires can kill. This type of product failure happens ALL THE TIME!

Fortunately, if you have been injured by a failed defective product, the law of products liability and negligence has evolved to give you the opportunity to seek compensation from the product manufacturer.  However, this is no small task, and these big companies aren’t going to write you a check for your injuries out of the kindness of their heart.  Instead, to get what you deserve, you need personal injury attorneys like those at LVPI Lawyer who know how gather the right evidence and hire the right experts to prove the basic elements of a product liability claim.

Complex cases like these require more in expertise, organization, diligence, and aggression than many personal injury attorneys are prepared to provide.  If you hire an attorney who doesn’t know what they are doing, it will cost you money.  Call LVPI Lawyer today for a free consultation 702-823-3333, where we can show you that we are the only personal injury attorneys you should trust with your product liability case.